Do not save what is left for spending, but spend what is left after saving. -Warren Buffet


Are you looking to break your family free of the burden of debt?  

Are money fights creating friction in your marriage?

Do you find yourself spending less time and less money on things for yourself?

Are you sick of the money coming up short every month?


How would it feel if you could confidently…


  • Talk to your spouse about finances and create a solid partnership
  • Know where your money is going while putting it to work for you
  • Use biblical principles to guide your finances and family
  • Take your family on a no-stress vacation
  • Be able to treat yourself and have no guilt over it
  • Spend more time with your family and less time stressing over money
  • Reconnect with your spouse and learn how to dream again

Insert Picture of the happy couple with money 


What if you could eliminate pesky monthly payments? 


Imagine with me… 


 $25 J. Crew retail card payment…gone!

$65 Rooms to Go payment… gone!

$345 College Loan payment…gone!

$ 425 Car Loan payment…gone!


That is $860 of your hard-earned money back in your account every month to do exactly as you please for your family!  


That is $10,320 every year!  Talk about a new lease on life!


In less than an hour each week, you and your spouse could make an extra $10k a year by making a few tweaks to your spending habits!


Are you ready for a new way of talking about money with your spouse? 

  1. Learn to confidently communicate with your spouse

2) Create goals for your marriage and build your financial future

3)  Banish habits that prevent you from reaching  goals in your marriage

4) Budget 101- detailed instruction to create effective budgets achieving results

5) Dreams are easy. Goals are hard. Do the hard work-but give grace along the way


Becoming One: Two Hearts, One Checking Account  


…will have you embracing debt-free living!

…shift your mindset!

…eliminate money fights in your marriage!

…change your family’s future!


 Becoming One 12 Lesson Course 

Reg. Price: $97.00


Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover inside the Video Course, Becoming One! 


Mindset Matters. It is possible to live debt-free while strengthening your marriage. Shift your money mindset on a path to achieve your dream life together. See how possible it is for you to break the chains of debt and build a stronger relationship with your spouse and your money.


Routines. Powerful routines to implement in your marriage will accomplish any money goal. Simple strategies to help you make the changes you need in order to pay off debt, save for that family vacation, maybe a second honeymoon, or the new car your family desperately needs.  


Communication. Transparency in your spending builds trust and collaboration to protect what matters in your marriage. Come together and find grace with each other so that you can build a stronger and more connected marriage. 


Step-by-Step Guidance and Expert Insight to help you transform your money mindset by integrating effective budgeting skills.  No matter your skill, Becoming One provides proven processes that will have you paying off debt, saving for things most important to you, and even giving where maybe before you haven’t been able to. 


You Have More Money to Spend on the experiences you actually care about, and spend less time and energy stressing over where all your money is going! With less stress and more energy you will bring more fun back into your marriage. 


Myths about Budgeting!

-are for poor people….NO!

-Do not work for me; I don’t make enough money. NO!

-are too restricting….NO!

-makes me feel icky…Not Today! 

– it causes me to fight in my marriage

-I pay off my credit card each month, so I don’t need a budget

– it’s too late to start budgeting in my marriage

-squeeze out all the fun in our marriage


I’ll let you in on a little secret…. 


A Budget Sets You Free!!


When you sit down and tell your money where to go, you are the one in control so if you need more money for groceries this month because you have family coming to visit then add more there. 


If your birthday is coming up and you really wanted to treat yourself that month then put it in your budget.  


Your budget is like your calendar, you don’t go in and put important events in after the fact, so don’t do that with your MONEY!


Your needs and expenses will change every month, you have authority over where your money goes. Use that muscle and flex!


Becoming One: Two Hearts, One Checking Account helps you…


Embrace the mindset. Yes, you can become debt-free!


Understand why being debt-free is important for a healthy marriage.


Reduce stress with a spending plan in your marriage.


Become the couple to experience financial prosperity!


Myth buster, learn why a credit score is not a brag flag. 


Make informed decisions to become debt-free on your schedule.


Create a Legacy and plan for your family’s future.


Celebrate each money milestone in your marriage. Date Night? Sounds Fun!


No debt? Crush your money goals and live your dreams together.


Protect your debt-free lifestyle with the right savings fund.


Challenge yourself to create an organic line of credit.


Sounds too good to be true, right?   

It Doesn’t Have to Be!!


This is what I want for you and your family! 


To love and cherish each other and enjoy the gifts God wants to bestow to your family.  He is for You!


Becoming One was recorded as a playbook for your marriage and embracing money together. 


The mantra in my marriage is, “A couple that budgets together, stays together!


And so much more…

When You Get Your Course Right Now For Only $207.00… You also get this BONUS!


Bonus: For Love & Money Audiobook


Need a coach in your ear?


For Love & Money is a great supplemental addition full of tangible ways that you can incorporate budgets into your way of life.  It will serve as an example of what the process looks like and encouragement to get you to a life of living debt-free! 


You are about to embrace living simply, loving deeply, and contentment in your life!


You are always on the go, and there is a little voice reminding you of something…

Embrace Debt-Free Living!


Audiobooks are great for many reasons, here are my favorites…

  • Never too busy to read! 
  • Chores become Fun!


Friendly Note: This bonus Audiobook is free if you buy today.

What is holding you back? 

When you make the decision to live debt-free and commit to a budget each month-I guarantee progress with your money goals in your marriage.

I have not only experienced it in my marriage, but so many other marriages as well, which is why I am offering….

No Questions Asked

100%  Money Back Guarantee

Why am I offering this amazing guarantee? Because I believe in You. You and your spouse have unbelievable blessings coming your way…

That is once you commit to each other and allow your money to serve you. 

Not the other way around.  By committing to each other you make your money serve you.  Not the other way around.

It’s a no brainer for sure!

This is a 7-day guarantee I’d love to answer any question you have! 

Frequently Asked Questions


What if I don’t have access to your video platform?

Not to worry, simply email me. We will find a digital solution together.


Do you offer a guarantee?

Absolutely! 100% 7 day Money back guarantee.


Do I need any expensive software to make this work?

No way! My goal is for you to spend your money on experiences and things that you love.  Most, if not all, of the tools and tactics I recommend, are free.


Becoming One Video Course PLUS Bonus Audiobook

Reg. Price: $97.00

About Colleen

Hey, I’m Colleen. I am a wife, a mom, and love running with my lab Hunter.

I have coached confident, intelligent, and family-oriented women on the power of using a budget to take control of their money.

I sat in the parking lot of a daycare center and realized we were broke. We could not afford the cost of daycare, yet alone consider having another child with the amount of crushing debt we had and the monthly payments we had signed up for. I call it our Awakening Moment. The moment we realized we were the problem, spending more than we earned and income was not our problem. Now, we are debt-free, living happily near Raleigh, NC, and raising our two boys.