Colleen Thedieck

Hey friend! I’m Colleen.

I write about living debt free & want to help you do the same💜


Have you ever wondered what paying off your debt would be like? 

Let me tell you from experience, it feels incredible!

But first, some of these thoughts may hold you back.

  • “Everyone has debt.”
  • “I will pay off debt once the kids graduate.”
  • “I work too hard and deserve these things for my family.”
  • “When I’m old, I won’t want to spend as much money.”

I am here to tell you that it is possible to live a debt-free lifestyle.

And I’m spilling all the secrets in my book, For Love and Money.

When you purchase it (or get it for free with Kindle Unlimited) you are one step closer to walking a path that will allow you to give freely in the most rewarding way.

I will show you how to embrace debt-free living. Your time and energy are given to the people and principles you cherish the most.

Ready?!   Let’s get started.

A simple and tactical plan to debt free living! 💜

✅Communicate with your spouse and define what matters in your marriage.

✅Create effective budgets to accommodate any season in your marriage.

✅Incorporate various strategies to curb the habit of spending more than you earn.

Learn all this and more inside my book, For Love and Money.

Hey, I’m Colleen!

As a busy wife and soon-to-be mom, I suddenly realized my approach to money in our marriage was leading us in the opposite direction of my dreams.


My husband Thomas and I committed to a simplified life, living on less than we earned. We found contentment in each other as we built a family together and dug our way out of debt.


This mantra led to the creation of a solid and committed marriage. Leaning into the biblical teachings of love, marriage, and money.


We decided to hold ourselves accountable for our money decisions and relied on a monthly budget to lead us toward our dreams.


So lovely to meet you! I hope I can help you achieve your dream of debt-free living.💜

What She Said…

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This book is like grabbing a warm hot chocolate and sitting together with your best friend to share laughs and good conversation.

Colleen’s writing is down to earth, authentic and relatable.

She does a lovely job of weaving together money and marriage, sprinkling in her own story and experience and creating a money plan that makes sense for today’s couples.

She takes a difficult conversation for couples and explains it in a way that is simple to understand and effective.

Colleen Thedieck